Lost HSA – Health Savings Account Search

HSAs allow taxpayers with high-deductible health plans to set aside pretax funds in an investable account that doesn’t expire. Withdrawals for eligible medical expenses may be made when incurred, or long after funds are deposited.

One-in four of the 20 million Health Savings Accounts at banks, credit unions and brokerages are currently inactive.The average balance left behind on 5 million dormant accounts is $1,850 – cumulatively valued at $9.25 billion dollars.

Accounts go dormant and unclaimed  for a variety of reasons. Some savers may not have funds available to make an annual contribution. Others may no longer be eligible because they changed health plans.

Many have forgotten where accounts were held, and family members and heirs may not be aware of their existence. To conduct a search for a lost or missing HSA complete the form below: